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Welcome to the Association for Visual Pedagogies (AVP)


the Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (VJEP)

Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (VJEP) commenced publication with Springer in August 2016 until September 2018. Subsequently, AVP became the owners of the journal which is now being published by Brill Publishers, a Dutch based international publisher with over 300 years experience of academic publishing (see Brill).

With support from our eight founding Institutional Members, we established a new learned society which would not only support the new Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (VJEP) but also promote and advance the emerging field of visual pedagogies. Consequently the Association for Visual Pedagogies Inc became a formal legal entity incorporated in New Zealand in 2015.

The Association for Visual Pedagogies (AVP) is an exciting, pioneering development which is creating a multi-disciplinary global community with shared interests in visual pedagogies.  With 10 Institutional members now in place we are looking forward to more Institutions joining us as well as General Members as both our Association and the journal grow.

Listen to our founding Editor-in-Chief – Distinguished Professor Michael Peters – speak at our most recent conference about AVP and his vision for our work with Brill.

So far AVP has held five annual international conferences / symposia hosted by University of Applied Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia (2016), Aalborg University, Denmark (2017), University of Auckland, New Zealand (2018) and RMIT University (2019).


AVP wish to announce that Distinguished Professors Michael Peters and Tina Besley are moving on from their roles with Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy and Association for Visual Pedagogies to make room for others. Michael is Founding Editor of the journal and Tina Founding President of AVP, respectively. In these roles they led the development of both the Society and its journal – from an idea to reality. AVP will be recognising their tremendous contributions, with gratitude and respect, by bestowing on them the status of AVP Fellow at our AGM in June this year.

Professor E. Jayne White will become Editor-in-Chief of VJEP and Dr Sean Sturm new Editor of the Brill book series (with Tina staying on as co-Editor) –  further announcements will be made following the AGM which will be held online on 16 June.

Notice of postponement of the 2020 conference to 2021

Visual Worlds of Education

Association of Visual Pedagogy (AVP) conference

At Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen.

Due to changing global circumstances the
conference was postponed from 2020 to 2021.

About the Journal

The Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy is the first video journal in the field of education.

It is fully open access and peer-reviewed providing video articles capturing the latest developments in such areas as educational practices,  teacher education, classroom teacher and child observation,  and structured interviews with leading researchers and scholars involved in studying visuality in education and society.

It aims also to provide a research forum for the production of video articles to facilitate video data collection, production and analysis. The journal aims to develop integrated visual approaches to educational research and practitioner knowledge in order to encourage innovation and to establish new research frontiers in education.

Jayne White, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

David Rousel, RMIT, Australia
Natasa Lackovic, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Kirsten Locke, University of Auckland, New Zealand

ISSN: 2364-4583

Calls for Papers (Special Issues)


Dr Elaine Khoo, University of Waikato, New Zealand

The Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (VJEP) is seeking articles focused on research and work currently being conducted by new and emerging researchers (Masters or PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and those with Masters or PhDs who have graduated within the last three years). New and emerging researchers play a vital role, not only in moving the field forward but also as scholars who will ensure the sustainability of research in this area.

Please note the following dates:

31st March 2020: Full article due to guest editor

1st May 2020: Notifications of acceptance

15th July 2020: Revised articles due

November 2020: Expected publication

For any inquiries, please email the guest editor at


Rene Novak, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Sophie Fenton, RMIT, Australia

In response to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its effects on social life, the Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (VJEP) is seeking contributions focused on how visual technologies are aiding people to overcome social isolation. This special issue seeks to compile several articles that will provide readers with innovative technological solutions to unprecedented issues. Submissions must include a video component.

Please note the following dates:

1st October 2020: Full article due to guest editor

1st November 2020: Notifications of acceptance

 20th October 2020: Revised articles due

15th December 2020: Expected publication

For any inquiries, please email the guest editor at