2019 Conference - Association for Visual Pedagogies
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2019 Conference


2019 International AVP Conference
17-19 June 2019

Association for Visual Pedagogies (AVP), in collaboration with RMIT presented the 4th international AVP conference:

Ocular becoming in dangerous times: The politics of ‘seeing’


Storey Hall, 342–344 Swanston Street, Melbourne, part of the RMIT City campus of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Storey Hall, with 1996 Postmodern Annex

More details  available at the conference webpage:


Conference organizing team: 

Neal Haslem [Designer], Jayne White [Convenor],
Aleryk Fricker [Reconciliation Advisor],
Aleksandra Acker [Abstract coordinator],
Bridgette Redder [AVP Secretary], Elise Hunkin [music],
Linda Knight, & Fiona Westbrook [student coordinators]
Courtney White [dinner], Dan Jazby [abstracts],
Matthew Barker [abstracts],
Thembi Mason, Michelle Parente [conference handbook],
Loretta Staffieri [name tags and other misc matters],
Samantha Bennett [room bookings, AV, catering etc]

Student helpers:

Hayden Park, Andria Cozza, Fiona Wheeler, Alexandra Ciaffaglione, Samantha Bothma, Tsz Yau Cheng, Linita Regi, Danni Truong, Kerryn Burgoyne, Prem Vinodh Seneviratne, Cenlue Chen, Ravi Shekhar

Conference Gallery

Keynote Presentations

Dr. Willi Lempert:
Silencing The Future Visualizing Indigenous Futurisms In Dangerous Times

Dr. Adrian Dyer:
Common Principals in Learning from Bees to humans Individual Differences Set a Basis

Dr. Neal Haslem:
Flowers Of War

Professor Helen Lomax:
Seeing Childhood Re framing the Child in Visual Research