Call for Papers 2nd 2020 Special Issue (VJEP)

Call for Papers 2nd 2020 Special Issue (VJEP)

Visual technologies as a panacea for social isolation


Guest Editors

Rene Novak, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Sophie Fenton, RMIT, Australia

In response to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its effects on social life, the Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (VJEP) is seeking contributions focused on how visual technologies are aiding people to overcome social isolation. This special issue seeks to compile several articles that will provide readers with innovative technological solutions to unprecedented issues.

The human species is evolutionary a social one, therefore applying social distancing required to battle the virus poses a conundrum with personal and societal implications. Countries have reported that social isolation is raising stress, anxieties, domestic violence and suicide rate. While many of the world’s counties are pressing “Pause” on their economic dial, sources suggest that the collapse of the world market is about to be superseded by an unmatched global recession. Educational institutions had to change the way they operate in a very short time, where self-isolation of households forced learning and teaching to move online.

However, in this time of adversity stories of human resilience are surfacing, taking advantage of the creative nature of people to reinvent themselves when faced with difficulties. In many of these stories visual technologies are being employed to overcome issues, challenges and inadequacies caused by social isolation. It is the intent of this special issue to gather such stories of hope, innovation and transcendence, to support people facing adversities to transverse the empty space between them.

Submissions to the Special Issue are invited on topics such as:

  • The use of video chat technology to support individuals in isolation
  • Facilitation of Virtual meetings to support working from home
  • Visual alterations to teaching and learning to accommodate students in isolation
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality technology employed to surmount physical distances
  • Using visual technologies in overcoming personal stress, anxieties and loneliness
  • Using visual technologies in overcoming global, social, economic and educational issues
  • Applications of visual pedagogies (teaching approaches, methods, techniques using visual modality through photos, videos, virtual or augmented realities, visual representations, etc.) in distance teaching and learning.
  • Explicating the potential of emerging visual methods or media for traversing social isolation.

Articles must include a video component and adhere to the journal’s author guidelines at:

VJEP privileges submissions with a strong visual/video component. Articles should be no more than 3000 words in length with accompanying relevant video and/or visual material(s) and should be submitted through the journal system. Please indicate you are submitting to the Special Issue when submitting your article.

Note: the APC fee of $700 (USD) per article is covered by institutional membership fees and not required for accepted articles to the Special Issue.

Please note the following dates:

1st October 2020: Full article due to guest editor

1st November 2020: Notifications of acceptance

 20th October 2020: Revised articles due

15th December 2020: Expected publication

For any inquiries, please email the guest editor at:

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