‘Visual Pedagogies in Action – a space to make visible, pedagogies that celebrate the visual!

Teaching comes in a multiplicity of shapes and forms. It is easy to fall into the habit of seeing teaching and learning as a process which happens in a classroom, but pedagogy, in its broadest sense, can be found everywhere, if you just remember to look.

To begin to explore some of the ways teaching and learning can be initiated and fostered through the visual medium, AVP invites you to share a pedagogical event based on a video / image / memes / artistic / gaming / animation / film demonstration that raises a visual provocation – provoking people to think, feel and imagine the visual possibilities. These provocations may take the form of traditional teaching demonstrations, or they may challenge what is typically thought of as ‘pedagogy’. As a starting point, representations of activism, documentary film making, poetry, video gaming, animation, art, VR practice; the visual provocation possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Looking through a 21st century gaming lens, it could be said that pedagogy as a whole is undergoing a fundamental evolution! Gaming pedagogy is an experience that is on the rise. Our first provocation is provided by five year old Elijah Mansfield and his mum Samantha. Watch the pedagogical possibilities at play as they engage in gameplay. Pay attention to the pedagogical strategies being used such as Sam’s role-modelling of how ‘to be’ in this gaming space and her narration of events in the game. You are also provoked to think about the problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking skills that Elijah is demonstrating as he negotiates this gaming space not only with his mum but also his peer. What can you see?

Resources that embrace the visual

Dialogues About Two Year-old Dialogues in ‘Preschool’

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