Online Event: Exploring Virtual Spaces for Immersive Pedagogies

Exploring Virtual Spaces for Immersive Pedagogies

Date: 30th November
Time: 6PM NZST
Hosted by: Dr. Rene Novak (Association for Visual Pedagogies)
Platform: Zoom for this first meeting, Virtual Reality Platforms in following meetings

This meeting will start with a presentation on the Pedagogical Potential of Virtual Reality and then lead into introducing some of the leading platforms for collaborative online Education in the Virtual Reality space, that we may trial and use in the following sessions.

The short introductory presentation will be followed by a discussion to plan our next meeting that will be held in the virtual reality space. We will decide on a platform for the next session and a topic. Our hope is to create a regular discussion group of interdisciplinary experts and enthusiasts for Virtual Reality, that may result in some potential projects we may want to pursue as a group.

                                                                                                  Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • How do Immersive Pedagogies look like
  • Potential of VR for Education
  • Multi-modal and multi-sensory perceptions in virtual worlds
  • Commercialisation of the virtual space
  • Philosophical notions of VR
  • What software platforms are there to be utilised for Education
  • How can immersive arts become a new kind of artistic expression
  • VR vs the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Ethics in VR
  • Virtual gamification of learning
  • Potential projects we might want to pursue as a group

Proposed meeting cadence after this initial meeting will be quarterly (the meeting following this event will be on the 22nd Feb 6PM NZST).

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