In line with the current visual technology developments The Association for Visual Pedagogies initiated a Virtual Reality Forum about and in VR. This forum welcomes any members who have an interest in VR. Our group is very diverse and is comprised of researchers, academics, gamers, students, VR enthusiasts, VR industry representatives, VR game arcade owners, people working in IT and others.

Some of the topics that we are investigating:

What do Immersive Pedagogies look like

Potential of VR for Education

Multi-modal and multi-sensory perceptions in virtual worlds

Commercialisation of the virtual space

Philosophical notions of VR

What software platforms are there to be utilised for Education

How can immersive arts become a new kind of artistic expression

VR vs the Covid-19 epidemic

Ethics in VR

Virtual gamification of learning

Potential projects we might want to pursue as a group

Discussion Topic in session 1:

The Announcement of the Metaverse

Discussion Topics in session 2:

Virtual Sandtray and Mental Health in VR

Biometric data gathering in VR

Discussion Topic in session 3:

Gamification of Learning in VR

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